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   The gold standard for scientific evidence set unanimously by the U.S. Supreme
Court in
Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals, Inc.in 1993 is gradually changing
forever how attorneys and the courts use and challenge psychological and
psychiatric testimony even in non Daubert jurisdictions.  

Dr. John F. Fielder is a clinical and forensic psychologist and one of the leading
authorities on the impact of Daubert on expert testimony in his field and how it
changes the focus of the discovery process and the assessment of the reliability
of psychological and psychiatric testimony. He has written numerous articles on the
topic for legal publications and provided seminars for law firms, bar associations and
the California Department of Justice.  He  has also testified as an expert witness in
100's of cases involving a wide range of complaints with a psychological and/or
neuropsychological component. He has also served as a rebuttal expert and
consultant expert and authored a compliance book on mental disabilities under the

 Dr. Fielder can provide invaluable assistance during all stages of litigation.  He can
conduct reliable evaluations of plaintiffs when required.  He can also suggest
relevant lines of questioning for depositions and cross-examinations of both plaintiff
and defense experts.  He has experience writing declarations for motions in limine to
exclude expert testimony.  He can be relied upon to provide
cost-effective information that attorneys need to make informed strategic and tactical
Dr. John F. Fielder
(916) 878.0355
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Whatever nonsense you talk becomes wisdom and all the rubbish good sense."
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Genetic Fallacy - When the reliability of testimony is based on its source rather than by
                    the evidence available for it.
"Facts are stubborn things; and whatever
may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the
dictates of our passion, they cannot alter
the state of facts and evidence." -
John Adams, President of the United States